Cooking workshop

Cooking workshop inquire about the possibilities

  Do you have something to celebraite?

Home maid snacks, buff or BBQ `t KoXke  makes it for you.

Cooking workshop ask for possibilities

Spanisch tapas in Spanisch atmosphere

Spanisch tapas in Spanisch atmosphere inform the possibilities

Aquitato Rico is specialized in Spanische e tapas.

for: Catering, plateaus, Salsabuff, Walking diner end stir fry on location. For- evry party big or small if disired. we also take care drink, music and  staff  Everything  in Spanisch atmospfere


Cocktailworkshop inform the possibilities

Make dillicious cocktails yourserlf .Whether ist a comapany party, friends weekend or just for fun ARTOFSTYLE wil give you unforgetteble and instructive day partly by, our professionel cocktailshakers.

Marry on location

Marry on location Look marryvideo

Marry on a special beautiful place together with famely and best friends.