Area de Brabantse Kempen

Weijergaerde is located In the middle of beautiful scenery. Within a short distance you'll find woods, heath, meadows, dunes and fens. The area of Stevensbergen, within 1 km, is the highest point of Noord- Brabant, 40 meter above sea level. This area is well-known as the habitat of many small reptiles such as lizards and small snakes.

Cycling Holiday in the Brabantse Kempen

This woody area has many bicycle routes. You can compile your own route and distance, based on an existing route-system. The routes are clearly marked and you'll find yourself cycling through beautiful landscapes such as the moor Cartierheide and the fens in the Malpie. Or you can visit atmospheric villages such as Valkenswaard, Bergeyk or Eersel, where you can experience the famous Dutch 'gezelligheid'. If you prefer a more relaxing period, you can enjoy the view from your holiday home, or find a quit spot in the garden.

Walking Holiday in the Brabantse Kempen

If you like to stroll through woods and moor land, there's no better place to go. The area is as perfect for a short walk in the woods with your children, as it is for a more challenging hike. You either can plan your own route or choose an existing one.

Luyksgestel (gemeente Bergeijk)

Luyksgestel is an atmospheric and interesting village. Its name refers to the Belgian city of Luik. In the past our village was a part of the bishopric of Luik. The show-piece of Luyksgestel is the restored Brabant-gothic church-tower, which defines the village's silhouette already for more than 500 years. Other landmarks are the mills the Grenswachter and the Deen. And, not to forget, the Kempisch Bakkerijmuseum: a museum in an old bakery where you can bake your own bread. For everyday shopping you can visit the local supermarket and the baker's shop in Luyksgestel.

The position of Luyksgestel

Guests, who like the Burgundian lifestyle, can easily get a taste of it in Belgium since Luyksgestel is situated close to the border. Nice to visit are two famous abbeys, in Postel and Achel, the markets in Bergeyk, Valkenswaard and Eersel, or the flea market which is held on Sundays in Lommel.


At Weijergaerde: 
Nearby you can get active in several ways such as: cycling (MTB), walking, golf, minigolf, workshops, fishing, horse riding, swimming, tennis, indoor carting, playgrounds, cinema, museums, zoo's, amusement parks etc. We'll be glad to inform you about the possibilities.

Culinary in de Kempen

Whether you like to discover new culinary trends, enjoy an extensively dinner or have a quick bite in-between two activities, it's all possible in this region. You can find all kinds and types of restaurants, bistros and eat houses in the surrounding Dutch and Belgian villages.


Visit a city or go shopping in Valkenswaard (15km), Eindhoven (30 km),Maastricht (100 km), Hasselt (48 km), Antwerpen (85 km) and Brussel (100 km).